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Life as for Granted

Sometimes in life we are dealt with certain hands that we have no control of. Sometimes we take things for granted. We take certain people for granted and we like to believe that they will always be there. We never really think these people will ever leave our lives. The reason we never think they will leave is because we love them so much that we can never bear the thought of them not being there.
However, just when life is going good it has a funny way of showing that things aren’t in our control and things happen. Sometimes we think we are invincible that we are untouchable. But life happens and show us were wrong. For instance you can be here one day and not the next. Something so unexpected could happen to anyone of us.
The one thing we all can’t avoid is death and illnesses. We all lose people that we loved with every part of us. We all went through seeing people one day and the next they are gone. There are many times that we do not get the chance to say goodbye. Whether we like it or not death happens to the old and young. No one should ever have to bury a friend, a child, sibling or a young parent. Death should just be for the extremely old. But it never happens like that does it?
We take things for granted and we are reminded of this when stuff like this hits close to home. When it hits close to home it hits us in our hearts and that’s when we start to think how we ever live without these people if they were to go. How do we cope if some close to us gets sick? How do we put on a smile and tell them they will be alright. When we are not even sure if they will be. We have to hope for the best and pray that it will be alright.
In the end of the day we get terrified of losing certain people. We know our lives would never be the same without them. So what do we do?

We need to live our lives day by day while hoping for the best. Cherish every moment of your life. Don’t waste life on petty arguments and fights. Never regret things you’ve done. Live every moment like it’s your last. Tell the people you love that you do love them and you’re happy there in your lives. Never take anyone for granted. Don’t even take your own life for granted. Life is way too short. The Flip side truth life happens when you least except it so live, laugh, love and Don’t take things for granted!


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