“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When we feel for someone, we develop a weakness of caring for that person, There comes a void space, a universe which deceivingly becomes blank, all we can see and feel is for one person alone.

Spending sometime with time ups and downs, we become curios and as always. ” Human is greedy”, we wish for more, we hope its a two way affection, pondering over that thought for a while . we reach a breaking point, a dilemma of expressing our feelings, to let go of the burden we are holding on to our shoulders Or just wait it out, wait for more ” Signs “. what follows next is the fear of being alone and left out, ” its like running in a race where you are certain that the prize would be yours but you never know what and when specially who might come in between and take your prize away”.

The complexity of these feelings just ought to multiply and expand from our heart to our mind to our face and senses, somewhat turning us in a maniac, not knowing what to do and how to explain, we start seeking others advice and a very handful of us are lucky enough to express their feelings and get what they want but this is not the case with every one around, haunted by the ghosts of love and feelings.
Its natural thou, i don’t deny fate, but there must be a solution, is it always dependent on our fate ?

Most of us will just wait out because of our fear of being desolate, which takes unbeaten victory over the will of expression. but we wait and hope for a miracle…

life and revolution

“inspired from the movies and fairy tales we wait for miracles”, but in reality it is far more difficult to have miracles as to bring revolution in our lives and move onward to a better life, a better routine, better friends and everything better.

The problem isn’t that we have hope for such revolutions, the trouble is when we only hope and do nothing, just for the record even miracles happen because their is something behind it, some heavenly force, work of a person, will of a society. as it is said “ God helps those, who help themselves”, its quite simple ain’t it? we just gotta work for the miracle to happen, sometimes its obvious that we are at the edge of achieving something great and we loose, that is also a revolution, but how do we take it, as we are the one’s to control the outcomes, loosing something changes our life and then we give up!
certainly, giving up is for those who dont want to change their life and be the same as they are, living the same routine, among the same disgusting people we hate but when life doesn’t quits on us, why do we have to loose ourselves?, till we have the last drop of blood running in our veins and our heart keeps pumping we dont have to quit on life. life doesn’t only includes an individual it is not only life of a person it is also the people who are near us, the people close to us, the society we live in.
thus revolution isn’t just that we lost or we won and then we cheer ” its the end of life”,  we must remember yet there is more to come which is going to shape our lives, and then we are going to be stuck in a situation, once again waiting for one miracle to happen, people! for that we have to work, miracles and revolutions are earned, they just don’t pop up out of a surprise box.
the people around us who are set out for examples didn’t waited for the miracles to just happen, they made them happen, that’s our cue. there will always be supporters and rioters. as revolutions for some are crises for others. we just gotta work it out. that’s how we are going to shape our lives and then finally claim ” yes. we brought a revolution”.
Never underestimate the power of one ( which is certainly YOU ).

Hope too far

it is most common of man to get amazed and mesmerized by large quantity that small bits of life don’t come to attention, that is a common mistake and this mistake isn’t realized till we have lost everything, its like running after the bigger happiness and in the end we not even miss the happiness we are after but along with that all goes to vain which was already there for us.
Thats why there is a saying ” Man is Greedy”, indeed greed is our open enemy, but how are supposed to stay away from such a thing, which is part of our nature and character, not a habbit to be changed or a piece of cloth to be thrown away.

whats the best approach then? we have hope, but that is too far, hope just doesnt comes over walking by and changes a life of a person, there are some efforts to be made. yeah, efforts it is.
as they say ” GOD helps those, who help themselves”. so all we need to do is to live with that greed in ourselves, everything has two sides, nothing is born pure or evil.
So, the greed which is in us, a part of character has a positive side too, all we need to do is change the way we use it, actions justifies the meaning.

the root of problem

the root of problem

There has been many educational problems as the world moves into complexity of difference between learning about life and learning of education, in the whole process we forget that education is just a part of the learning process, the importance is in learning, learning about all the things which revolve around ones life, starting from our own selves to go beyond universe. Indeed education helps, but Education is not to be taken as a system more efficient and higher in standards then learning, that is our one certain mistake which consumes our life till the brink of the edge where we understand, education was just a step, a step towards learning….



“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
Ernest Hemingway

You know when you have trust; you know when you don’t have trust. Can you build trust when it doesn’t exist?  These are important questions for today’s rapidly changing world.

Trust forms the foundation for communication, relationships, business and social work, the extra effort that people voluntarily do in getting social, when trust exists in an society or in a relationship, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve. “There exists today, no practical construct of Trust that allows us to design and implement particular pattern to significantly increase trust levels between people. We all think we know what Trust is from our own experience, but we don’t know much about how to improve it. Why? I believe it is because we have been taught to look at Trust as if it were a single entity.”

What Injures the Trust Relationship?

Yet, even in a relation in which trust is a priority, things happen daily that can injure trust. A communication is misunderstood; a thought is misdirected and no one questions an obvious mistake,at first their is no capacity for trust, even when people do their best, many people are unwilling to trust because of their life experiences. In many socialites, people are taught to mistrust as they are repeatedly misinformed and misled.

The Critical Role we have  in Trust Relationships

simply if we spectate any relation, those who are happy have more trust on each other, its like the people around us will be more likely to trust us and believe us when we will have thier best interest in our heart. although trust is known to us as a two way communication road, much of a two way deal, but we have to start at first, we have to take initial steps towards what makes a successful relation.

Build a Trust Relationship Over Time

Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. “Trust is not a matter of technique, but of character; we are trusted because of our way of being, not because of our polished exteriors or our expertly crafted communications.”

Trust is telling the truth, even when it is difficult, and being truthful, authentic, and trustworthy in your dealings.



We find many misconceptions about trust. Let’s separate myth from reality:

As we go on…

At first we are like virgins, (no experience, full of humor, adventure, curiosity and strength). and As we go on, move through different stages of life, from a new born baby to a kid, we experience the true meaning of dependance and learn about our basic values and go after our set of dreams, then is the stage of Teenage, this age is the pioneer of what we will be in future, teenage is the age full of our mixed emotions, most of our relations and break up, getting all in the fashion and then going for all the new stuff. as one said : Being classy is my teenage rebellion” then comes this teen plus age, where we come to our practical life, titled as Adult. this is the worst nightmare at first, No more hanging out cause we’re on a different track, its like what ever you have learned until now and dreams tore in shattering pieces, but even then we go on, we get to know the reality of life. its said whatever a person becomes is during his adult years of 20 to 30. its like you work for this decade and enjoy for the rest life.at that particular time we keep thinking times will never change and stick to the world around us, its like opting to a mountain of responsibilities. of course most of the people get married during this decade. the mid 20’s, as we go on we realize we have spent best of our times and those times wont be back and we realize that we’re moving on and we can’t slow down, its like real hardcore time of life. These memories are playing like a film without sound, at this stage we get ourselves laughing at our selves thinking life’s not fair and this is how it feels, even thou we go on…..

Life as for Granted

Sometimes in life we are dealt with certain hands that we have no control of. Sometimes we take things for granted. We take certain people for granted and we like to believe that they will always be there. We never really think these people will ever leave our lives. The reason we never think they will leave is because we love them so much that we can never bear the thought of them not being there.
However, just when life is going good it has a funny way of showing that things aren’t in our control and things happen. Sometimes we think we are invincible that we are untouchable. But life happens and show us were wrong. For instance you can be here one day and not the next. Something so unexpected could happen to anyone of us.
The one thing we all can’t avoid is death and illnesses. We all lose people that we loved with every part of us. We all went through seeing people one day and the next they are gone. There are many times that we do not get the chance to say goodbye. Whether we like it or not death happens to the old and young. No one should ever have to bury a friend, a child, sibling or a young parent. Death should just be for the extremely old. But it never happens like that does it?
We take things for granted and we are reminded of this when stuff like this hits close to home. When it hits close to home it hits us in our hearts and that’s when we start to think how we ever live without these people if they were to go. How do we cope if some close to us gets sick? How do we put on a smile and tell them they will be alright. When we are not even sure if they will be. We have to hope for the best and pray that it will be alright.
In the end of the day we get terrified of losing certain people. We know our lives would never be the same without them. So what do we do?

We need to live our lives day by day while hoping for the best. Cherish every moment of your life. Don’t waste life on petty arguments and fights. Never regret things you’ve done. Live every moment like it’s your last. Tell the people you love that you do love them and you’re happy there in your lives. Never take anyone for granted. Don’t even take your own life for granted. Life is way too short. The Flip side truth life happens when you least except it so live, laugh, love and Don’t take things for granted!


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